Un-Disposable data

Francesca Rossignoli Un-Disposable Data

The following project by Francesca Rossignoli appears on Issue Zero of LONGITŪDINĒS Magazine. You can download it from our shop for free or with a small donation to support us.

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An implicit ode to the material

Sebastian Schmieg and Silvio Lorusso’s artist’s book 56 Broken Kindle Screens (2020) is a collection of found photos depicting broken Kindle screens. The book explores the alluring aesthetic that emerges when liquid crystals deteriorate, the graphical abstraction accidentally produced by glitches.

Un-disposable data brings Schmieg and Lorusso’s intuition of the aesthetic potential of broken mediums to print photography. Rossignoli photographed books with an analog camera and damaged the negatives with tools and chemicals.

While the screens in 56 Broken Kindle Screens broke accidentally, Rossignoli’s work involved the deliberate corruption of the material. The photographs obtained by damaging the negatives are printed and bound by hand, and complete a recursive process: the photographed books ultimately return to book form.

Especially when read alongside Schmieg and Lorusso’s work, Rossignoli’s project sparks a reflection on the durability of physical and digital items.

…in an age of dematerialisation.

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Francesca Rossignoli

Francesca Rossignoli was born in 1995. She graduated in New Technologies of Art at the Accademia Albertina of Fine Arts in Turin. While her research ranges over different media, it is mostly focused on analog and experimental photography. Themes include memory as a means for investigation and understanding, landscapes, and the ancestral relationship between humans and nature.

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