Suburban base

"Suburban base" by photographer Gianluca Attoli

The following collection by Gianluca Attoli appears on Issue Zero.

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Exploring the unexpected beauty

Suburban Base is an ongoing exploration of the suburban areas of Monza and Milan in Northern Italy. Attoli captures and conveys the sense of isolation, composure and stillness evoked by the geometries of functional suburban landscapes. Yet he also reveals the unexpected beauty, dignity and serendipity of these places.

While the subjects of his exploration are suburban Monza and Milan, Attoli strives to free them from their original contexts and avoids explicit references to locale in an attempt to identify universal elements. What remains of the spaces he observes are shapes and geometries with which we are familiar. Yet Attoli’s photography invites us to look at them as strangers and it is like seeing them for the very first time.

of familiar landscapes

Gianluca Attoli

Gianluca Attoli is a selftaught photographer from Monza, Italy. Born in 1984, he approached photography only in early 2019. Although he tried different forms of expression, from music to painting, he never found the right medium until he took a camera into his hands. It really clicked with his introverted and contemplative self. He is mostly interested in human-altered landscapes and the geometries that shape people’s perception of their surroundings.

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