Let’s Kickstart Issue Two!

Homepage abstract artwork made with acrylics by Francesca Ferrario
Artwork made with acrylics by Francesca Ferrario

LONGITŪDINĒS is preparing for Issue Two. We are fundraising as part of a new production model aimed at allowing us to create and release issues regularly. Issue Two is set to be published in July 2024. We are also open to working with advertisers and are happy to discuss favourable rates with indie presses, prizes, festivals, and publishers. 

Funding will allow us to introduce payments for contributors (including translators), cover production costs, and run website and social media accounts. Currently, the editors work voluntarily, giving up their time to a project they believe in. Any funds left over will go towards the production of future issues.

To learn more about our funding campaign, visit our dedicated Kickstarter page.

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