LONGITŪDINĒS is an arts and literature magazine, with annual print editions and online content. The magazine is a receptacle for European voices and publishes artworks, along with fiction, poetry and drama in any European language. The print edition includes the original texts alongside their English versions. Versions into other languages are published on the website when they become available.

LONGITŪDINĒS recognises the fundamental role covered by translation in the dissemination of culture, and aims to make it an integral part of its project and to give translators a too often unrecognised credit. Translators who would like to collaborate with us are invited to get in touch at editors [at] longitudines.com .

The journal is conceived as an arts and literary magazine that gathers in one place the work of the most interesting writers and artists based in Europe. Its aim is the promotion and the dissemination of a European art and literature. Its name LONGITŪDINĒS reflects this intention to cross boundaries.